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TTM Black Bee Honey Skin Recovery Bio Cellulose Mask

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Promotes a faster skin microbiome recovery, slows down the signs of skin aging, and restores healthy, resilient, and hydrated skin.

Ingredients: Black BeeOme, Dual Soothing Factors, BeeTox HR, Niacinamide, Cucumber Extract

We teamed up with Mibelle Biochemistry, an accredited, multi award-winning laboratory in Switzerland, to enhance bioactivity and maximize the power of extracted natural active ingredients with its exclusive technology.

The active ingredients developed from the fermentation of the rare black bee honey in Switzerland helps rebuild the skin’s microbiome, fortify the skin’s barrier function, as well as slow down skin aging signs fundamentally. In addition, the product is also formulated with BeeTox HR, which can effectively reduce fine lines. For ultimate result, use with bio-cellulose masks to maximize effects of the active ingredients, while creating a healthy and stabilized skin condition to restore the skin’s balance and fairness.


A healthy microbiome can protect against skin infection, so …
•2~3 times a week, support the vitality of the good bacteria on your skin.
•When sign of sensitive skin appears, this mask help improve the balance of bacterial microflora

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