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(Buy 1 Free 1) Marine Origin Collagen Revitalizing Bio Cellulose Mask

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Infused with high concentration marine collagen, this bio cellulose mask can effectively enhance skin firmness as the formula penetrates deep into the skin to restore skin resilience.


Highly effective formula. Targets and solves skin problems.

Bio Cellulose, the most premium of all Timeless Truth Masks, contain highly effective formula, which can target different aging problems associated with climate change and provide precise solutions.

Manufactured in medical grade plants, the Bio Cellulose feature individually fermented bio cellulose masks for optimal results.

Bio Cellulose can effectively improve skin elasticity, fine lines, and dryness, leaving skin rejuvenated and healthy.

Features of Bio Cellulose

Single-piece fermentation process

Each bio cellulose mask is fermented individually under a strictly-controlled environment to make sure the bio cellulose masks are pure and unpolluted.

Perfect fitting

The single-piece fermentation process helps improve the uniform thickness of sheet masks, offering you more delicate and better structured masks that are highly compatible for better adhesion and maximum serum absorption.

Perforated protective films on both sides

Allows more serum to be infused in the sheet masks.

Medical-grade manufacturing process

All manufacturing processes, including fermentation, sterilization, filling, sealing and quality control, are conducted with high standards and stringent standardization requirements to ensure best quality.

Facial Mask Usage

Step 1

Cleanse your face thoroughly.

Step 2

Take out the mask from the sachet. Remove protective films from both sides of the mask.

Step 3

Place the mask over the face, adjusting the positioning for eyes and mouth. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. No need to rinse afterwards.


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